Website Development

If you’re looking at developing a website for your business, you’ve come to the right place.

We have been building modern websites for businesses for over a decade and have learned a few things to ensure that the website doesn’t just look good, but also helps you sell. In all our web design projects, we ensure that the websites look awesome, are very functional and easy to navigate, have great copy, and convert your visitors into customers.

When we’re approached by a client to build or redesign their website, we take a consultative approach. Through this approach we bring to the table our understanding of the digital marketplace and the clients bring the understanding of their customers needs; this results in a website that both customers and company stakeholders find useful.

Below are some of the things we pay close attention to during website development:


Our website design philosophy is – it must be user centric and completely geared towards what user wants. Some of the elements of design that we consider important include the layouts, color schemes, typography, and navigation. These form the building blocks for a website and we take a standardized design approach to ensure that the entre website has a seamless look and feel with these important elements.

Responsive Design

We provide you everything you need to get your ecommerce store up and running. Cart, conversion, and everything inbetween.


Images are an integral part of any website. Images help you create a strong visual experience and help you visually tell your story without having to rely on just text. We make use of professional, high resolution images for best experience.

Landing pages

Most of the customers today research in-depth before they make their call to action. It is of paramount importance that when customers land on a company’s landing page it must be informative and persuasive. We understand landing pages and can help you build landing pages that will convert visitors into prospective customers. Our strong conversion rates bear testimony to this.

Website Forms

Every website needs forms and they must be easy to fill and capture the information you’re looking for. Whether it is a contact form, or a lead capture form on your landing page, we ensure that the forms just work with zero glitches or email delivery issues.

Page Speed

Customers have needs but have limited time, particularly when they look for products or information about services online. We optimize the website to ensure that the web pages load ultra fast and provide the best possible user experience. Our own website loads in 650ms (or 0.65 seconds) and is rated faster than 95% of tested sites on Pingdom.

Custom Functionality

Each website is unique. Each product and service provider aims at servicing their customers requirements in their own way online as they do offline.  We work with you to understand your requirements and we will build in the kind of functionality you seek on your website.

Website Add-ons

Our website development services also include helping you with various add-ons for the website such as adding a chat widget, creating a knowledgebase for your product, setting up a customer support portal, or adding a discussion forum.

Want to work with us?

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